FatCow is utterly awesome with their 24/7 support. They not only have chat feature available but also have a contact number available 24/7 which makes it easier to get in touch with a human. A service that is still needed, especially when an urgent website matter arises.

 Single domains are $9.99 yet they are included with hosting.

The FatCow Plan offers a 30-day money back guarantee for $49 a year. The Plan also comes with Oodles of diskspace and bandwidth. Unlimited domains per account. E-mail accounts are unlimited which is a great feature for growing businesses that need multiple e-mail boxes.

Make Money Blogging

Making money online is becoming easier than ever. More entrepreneurs are creating more with the digital avenue of blogging. Blogging is one of the multiple ways to make money from your blog. Here we provide you with a list of ways to monetize your blog and create passive income. If you haven’t set up ways to have extra income coming in yet, it’s time to create your side hustle now.

Further, they offer marketing tools such as $100 for Google AdWords Bonus and Bing Search Marketing Credit each. You can even use HubSpot’s Website Grader.

WordPress Hosting Starter plan begins at $3.75 a month or you can choose the Essential plan at $6.95 a month.

WP Starter

  • Integrated, Handpicked Themes
  • Important Plugins, Pre-Installed
  • Customized Control Panel for Convenience
  • Powerful Hosting with FREE Domain Registration




WP Essential

  • Integrated Themes, Plugins & Experience
  • SSD-based Super Speed Infrastructure
  • Deluxe Security Bundle
  • Personalized, Expert Support
  • Powerful Hosting with FREE Domain Registration


FatCow even provides a Marketplace which provides a guide of the steps to take implementing your site to Launch, Protect, Grow and Do More. Check it out HERE!

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