Hosting for Blogs

Websites for bloggers are growing more than ever before. Bloggers don’t usually have just one site. Many bloggers have multiple websites for their blogs and various sites. Bloggers are not limited to just one site.

Online entrepreneurism has an exponential growth, especially for those creating side hustles and multiple sources of passive income. Why have just one paycheck when you can have 2. Or 3. Or 10!?!?!  Why limit yourself?

When it comes to creating websites and blogs, hosting is key. It is important to know that your sites should be self-hosted and why.

Self-hosted sites mean you own all the content you create, input and maintain on your self-hosted site. This means that any ads you have can exist without worry of being deleted from your hosting company because you are not using a website builder (An example of this is the article of vs.

Further, monetizing your site should result in your money. Whether you do it through a link, an ad or a sponsor, you should be able to continue to build your site through your preferences with a self-hosted site.

There are many hosting companies out there. This list below is alphabetical and for information purposes only. Our only advice when it comes to hosting, is to research each you believe you may be interested in. You will get what you pay for.

Meaning: look for a hosting company that is available on your schedule and you can contact directly. Such as by phone 24/7 regardless of what time zone you are in. Make sure you speak to humans and support is reachable. You don’t want to get caught with a problem such as hackers haven gotten into your site and needing the hosting company to let you back into your site.

With this, review the list of hosting companies below. Feel free to add to the list. Share your experiences you may have had with hosting.

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