Marketing is a way of reaching your blogs’ target market through the use of a techniques such as advertising.

Bloggers tend to have a blog separate from their main sites they may monetize with.

Getting visitors to your site takes unique and sometimes expensive ways to allure them.

Yet, getting the right audience to promote your site and niche to takes critiquing and applying the right skills and messages to make them site visitors.

There are many ways of marketing your site.

Historically, many turned to Google AdWords. This has now become just Google Ads.

The explosive social media market has enabled many to go viral with videos and posts which can be quite lucrative.

Choosing the right methods and platforms to market your site with takes not only patience, trial and error but also money.


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Marketing Suggestions

Marketing is key to getting visitors to your site to turn them into followers. Below are some suggestions to market your blog or site regardless of budget.

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