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Over 40+ Webinar and Video Conferencing Platforms

Webinars are a great tool for many entrepreneurs and bloggers to engage directly with their audiences. The tool allows audiences to connect with presenters and gain more information that may help them takeaway a need for a product or a service.

Video presentations can be used as a way for audiences to get to know their presenter and connect. Online meetings, broadcasts, workshops, seminars, webcasts, chats, virtual trainings and more can be done online. Features can also include having a Q&A session enabling watchers to ask questions directly with the presenters and learn more or gain advice. 

Finding the right platform that means the presenters needs is one side of selecting a webinar platform. Another is what is best for the audience. For instance, if you are speaking to an audience of how to use technology for beginners, a web-based platform that does not require any downloads or apps to view your webinar may not be best. 

Thankfully, the availability of choices just keeps growing. If you are considering do a webinar or changing providers, check out this list of choices. 

This is just a resource list. We try to be unbiased and not influence your decision either way of whom to choose. 

If you have a favorite or an experience with one or another, please feel free to share.

  1. 6Connex
  2. Adobe Connect
  3. AnyMeeting
  4. BigMarker
  5. BlueJeans
  6. BusinessHangouts
  7. Chatroll
  8. ClickMeeting
  9. Convey
  10. CrowdCast
  11. DaCast
  12. Demio
  13. EasyWebinar
  14. Ever Webinar
  15. EyesOn
  16. Get Response
  17. GlobalMeet
  18. Go Meet Now
  19. Go To Webinar
  20. GoogleHangouts
  21. HTML5Meeting
  22. JetWebinar
  23. Join.me
  24. LiveStorm
  25. LiveStream
  26. MyOwnConference
  27. MyRoom
  28. On24
  29. OnStream
  30. PeekTime Media Platform
  31. ReadyTalk
  32. ReStream
  33. RingCentral
  34. Stealth Seminar
  35. Swift Meetings
  36. TogetherTalk
  37. TouchCast
  38. UdooLive
  39. Webex
  40. WebinarJam
  41. WebinarNinja
  42. WebinarsOnAir
  43. Webinato
  44. Workcast
  45. Zoho
  46. Zoom

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