Difference between WordPress.com versus WordPress.org

WordPress is a platform that is open source which is a content management system. This means that any content such as data that is informative or contains images or links is considered content. You can then use that to post and share as an article on your website or blog. 

WordPress.com is a free platform that offers people to start blogs. They may choose a more permanent solution as they get more serious and need more storage and capabilities dependent on usage. 

WordPress.com will provide a free site or blog with a minimum amount of storage available. It is basically like a starter package that is completely free. There are limits that come with WordPress.com version. If you want to post a lot of pages or images or content, then you will need to purchase a plan from WordPress.com. You can also purchase a custom domain from WordPress.com. But that may be more expensive compared to other domain providers. 

WordPress is both .com and .org. 

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WordPress.org is a free platform for a content management that will require hosting. That means that you need to have a hosting provider such as GoDaddy, Bluehost or Host Gator to help store your content and back it up. You are just paying for the hosting so that way you can add more custom content, run any ads or links to monetize your site as you see fit. 

With WordPress.org, you own all the content on your website. WordPress.org does not limit you or prevent you from doing what you want or creating any content that you would like. You have more freedom if not total freedom. It just depends on your hosting company if they prevent you from starting, say, naughty sites or not. Depending on which kind of site or blog you want to start, you may want to check your hosting provider to see what the limit you with.

WordpPess.com puts their own ads on your site that you have no control over. You also are not allowed to monetize your site and WordPress.com. You do not own your content out right on WordPress.com. You may be able to have a few links here and there to help monetize. But it can get tricky on WordPress.com.

We have been asked the question many times of why to have your WordPress.org self-hosted and why not use word press.com. If you are starting a blog, we’ll say for the purpose of monetizing your site, and you create passive income, then this is why you need to choose WordPress.org. As we already said, the .com version puts their own ads on your site and limits your capabilities. Whereas the .org self-hosted version puts you in control of what is on your site or blog. 

In summary, use WordPress.org. That way what you go through the time and effort creating is YOURS! 

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