101+ Best Niche Ideas to Start a Blog

101+ Niche Ideas to Start a Blog

101+ Niche Ideas to Start a Blog-Blogwarts Academy

There are many reasons to start a blog. Some start a blog to have a creative outlet. Some do it to connect with others on certain topics. Some share their knowledge to educate others on skills that would benefit their readers. Bloggers even use their content to communicate about personal topics and start groups to increase support.  And some start a blog to create a platform for passive income to bring in extra income.

The number of blogs created are growing rapidly. Many have more than one blog. This could be to have their key topic niche to connect with those that are in the same grouping such as mom blogs with some children at home that are home-schooled. Another blog may be created to include affiliate links to make money for products they use and believe would benefit others.

The great aspect of blogging is that you are not limited to having just one. You can create multiple blogs. As long as you maintain them and deliver refreshing content.

Blogging can be powerful. It is rewarding connecting with an audience and collaborating with feedback and support with a variety of topics.

A new mom may be looking for support with the new experience of an infant and needing to reach out to others.

A struggling student may create a blog about personal finance and the challenges of college expenses and student debt.

A young female may be looking to connect with those whom have started a business and seeking the resources of where to start.

One common reason to start a blog is to share your delicious food recipes regardless if you are vegetarian or on a specific diet. Everyone loves food!

Chances are, whatever you choose for a topic, you will not be alone. Internet users are seeking for someone that covers they topic that is close to home with them.

To get you started on your primary blog (you may be inspired to start another), we here at The Blogwarts Academy put together a list of niches to be the focus of your blog content.

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  1. Music
  2. Sports
  3. Personal finance
  4. Books
  5. Movies
  6. Celebrities
  7. Fashion
  8. Cosmetic products
  9. Cosmetic application
  10. Shoes
  11. Marketing
  12. How to start a business
  13. Hairstyles
  14. Home health remedies
  15. Yoga
  16. Running
  17. Exercise machines
  18. Beach life
  19. Birds
  20. Camping
  21. Hiking
  22. Crockpot recipes
  23. Grill recipes
  24. Vintage cars
  25. Online gaming
  26. Card games
  27. Homeschooling
  28. Painting
  29. Foreign languages
  30. Tourist cities
  31. Airline secrets
  32. Packing and luggage tips
  33. Home renovations
  34. Landscaping
  35. Gardening
  36. How to win the lottery
  37. Preschool for children
  38. Religious Inspiration
  39. Decorating for Parties
  40. Diabetic care
  41. Understanding Insurance
  42. Understanding the Stock Market
  43. Driving RV’s across Countries
  44. Car buying
  45. Home buying
  46. Mortgages
  47. Solar energy
  48. Healthy drinks
  49. Computers
  50. How to Code
  51. Computer Programming Languages
  52. Making Apps
  53. Photography
  54. Graphic design
  55. Creating Fonts
  56. Making Email Templates
  57. Current Events and News
  58. Technology
  59. Security
  60. Gift etiquette
  61. Common Sense
  62. WordPress
  63. Blogging
  64. Ghost Stories and Tours
  65. Freelancing
  66. Investing
  67. Basic Human Resources
  68. Resume’s
  69. Job Interviews
  70. Traveling Europe
  71. Hotel Secrets
  72. Cruise vacations
  73. Best alcoholic drinks
  74. Strength Training and Toning
  75. Pilates
  76. Beating Insomnia
  77. Babysitting Safety
  78. Staying Safe Online
  79. Baking
  80. Barbecue Competitions
  81. Racing
  82. Bicycling
  83. Retirement
  84. Disney
  85. Theme Parks
  86. Indoor Lighting
  87. Hiring Contractors
  88. Cabin Life
  89. Understanding the US Court System
  90. WordPress Themes
  91. DIY Projects
  92. Crafting
  93. Lifestyle
  94. Public Speaking
  95. Time Management
  96. How to be a Survivor
  97. Working From Home
  98. Weddings
  99. Party Planning
  100. Animals
  101. Getting into College
  102. Dancing
  103. Self-Defense
  104. Truth about Pet Ownership
  105. Joining the Military 

The list goes on and on…..and ON!

There are NO limits!  Now the ball is in your court. Pick a niche and get started!

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