Blog Writing Tip

Blogging Tip

Blog Writing Tip

A little “cheat” to make drafting and writing easier

Writing content for blogs can sometimes be not only tedious but time-consuming.

Bloggers have shared with us that sometimes they draft posts but even those drafts are just drafts.

Most have said sitting in front of a computer for periods of time can occur and also with it- writer’s block.

Nonetheless, we still get our content out there to share and manage to get it done.

One cheat I myself have utilized over and over is using Notes (Apple) on my mobile devices and using the microphone on the keyboard.

Especially when I am on the go!

Whether I am in a vehicle waiting, have an idea pop into my head, or just want to work quicker, this feature helps get more done!

You can check your spelling before just posting it into WordPress. Plus, you will have your list of recent drafts and posts to ensure you didn’t miss an idea or double on a topic.

What tips do you use to tackle posting articles?

We here at The Blogwarts Academy would love to hear what tools you use.