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Recommended Courses

We are quite supportive of the blogger community here at the Blogwarts Academy. Here is where you will find recommended courses that we believe are beneficial to bloggers.  Feel free to share your recommendations. 

Securing WordPress and More

One of the best courses we have learned much from is the Making Sense of Security's WordPress Security Course. This course not only offered how to secure our WordPress site but also how to prevent hackers from getting in to our log in page. We also learned how to monitor where the login attempts were coming from and protect our business. Further, Making Sense of Security also offers how to protect our devices especially when we log in to our business sites.
This course can not receive enough kudos. It is an understated course as they really need to blow their horn. EVERY blogger and WordPress site user needs this course!

Making Sense of Security Course

Securing Your WordPress Blog

This Step-by-Step Course will teach you skills needed to protect and secure your WordPress site, content and data. Making Sense of Security Securing WordPress blog website. This step-by-step course shows your how to protect your WordPress site against vulnerabilities. Secure your content against hackers and protect your links for passive income.



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