How GoToWebinar can Help the Camera Shy Create Webinars.

How GoToWebinar can Help the Camera Shy Create Webinars

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As a trusted leader in webinar platforms, GoToWebinar hosts nearly 3 million webinars hosted each year. Headquartered in Boston Massachusetts, GoToWebinar is just one software tool in the GoTo suite using LogMeIn access. Other software includes GoToConnect, GoToRoom, GoToTraining and more!

With GoToWebinar, you can create a Standard, Webcast, Recorded webinar anytime you like.


One of the coolest features that GoToWebinar offers is that you can do a PRACTICE WEBINAR to get comfortable, work out the kinks and technicalities beforehand. This is great for anyone who may be anxious about doing a live webinar.  

GoToWebinar offers Pre-Recording webinars. You can Bid adieu to live-hosting nerves. Nail it every time thanks to pre-recording. This is great if you are too nervous to do a live webinar.

Create and schedule pre-recorded webinars that feel as vibrant and interactive as live events.

With Simulated Live, GoToWebinar helps you offer a perfect webinar experience again and again. Boost demand by expanding your reach and grow your ROI − minus the time and effort of live-hosting.

Offer your webinar as a one-time live event, series or on-demand event. You choose!

GoToWebinar uses Source Tracking to discover which channels drove the most webinar signups. GoToWebinar lets you discover where your audience is coming from and how you are reaching them.

There are so many features that GoToWebinar offers such as Automatic Registration pages setup for you so you can concentrate on bigger tasks.  The Confirmation and Reminder Emails are automated for you.  You can use GoToWebinartemplates to skip steps by using settings from past webinars for new events. That makes it really convenient producing each new webinar.

GoToWebinar enables you to share your screen at any time with your audience. You can even cast screen controls to a co-host and let the take over the webinar.  A neat feature GoToWebinar brings is that you can use your webcam and invite panelists to do the same, with video webinar services.

GoToWebinar helps you get creative and have fun with your audience. Interact with your audience with polls, surveys, live Q&A and more! Engage your audience with slide-in questions and live results.

When you are done with your GoToWebinar, you can get detailed reports of each webinar to review statistics and use insights to improve and benefit each webinar.

Customize your GoToWebinar with your branding including your logo, customized colors and more. Once your training is complete, present attendees with a Certificate of Completion.

Share your recorded GoToWebinar with anyone at any time just by sharing the link. You don’t even have to email it.

GoToWebinar provides the ability for your webinars to get featured in front of millions! Publish your webinars with GoToWebinar and you could land a spot on the front page of, where the millions who attend GoToWebinar sessions each year are invited to discover amazing content like yours. 

Get extra exposure for no extra effort. GoToStage regularly showcases new and engaging webinars on its front page. Just access GoToStage through GoToWebinar.


GoToWebinar delivers a plethora of Webinar tools and features you can rely on

24/7 Phone Support

 Analytics and Reporting


 Audience View

 Audience Management

 Audience Spotlight


 NEW! Certificates

 Channel Page

 Custom Presenter Experience

 NEW! Custom Registration

 Dual Screen Support

 Drawing Tools

 Email Automation

 Event Management

 Flexible Scheduling

 GDPR Compliant

 NEW! GoToStage

 Guest Presenters


Integrated Audio


 Mobile Apps

 No Delay Streaming

 No Download Join


 Presenter Webcams



 Registration Page



 Share Anything

 NEW! Pre-recorded events

 Source Tracking



With all these tools and features, it’s understandable why GoToWebinar is a Leader in webinar platforms. GoToWebinar provides everything you could need for great webinars. Prices start competitively at $49 monthly with a 7-day free trial. To learn more about GoToWebinar, get started here.