How to Make Money Writing Product Reviews on Your Blog

How to Make Money Writing Product Reviews on your Blog

There are many ways to make money on your blog. One of the common methods is to write reviews of products. This can be done with many products out there that your audience may use. Writing blog posts for products to review is similar to a sponsored post. Usually this could involve using affiliate links that you have been approved for with your blog from a network or a specific company.

These types of blog posts include reviews written by you for products you have personally tried, own, or tested. Some product reviewers may receive the product for free.

Let’s dive in further to look at how to get paid to review products from networks that are legitimate.

Making money to test and review products

In the beginning, brands had sent products to reviewers as compensation to those willing to write blog posts about such products.

While it is great to receive free products, bloggers actually want to get paid so they can make a living to continue as a blogger. Soon, the larger companies did compensate bloggers for reviewing their products. The better the post audience, the more the blogger was compensated. This would have included money and free products.

There is a technique to properly write blog posts when it comes to reviewing products. The content has to be plausible and appropriate. The post cannot seem spammy or too strong of a sales pitch. Affiliate companies do not want to be seen in any negative manner. If they may be seen as such through search engines, this would have negative results.

Each affiliate has specific criteria to follow and you may be penalized if their standards are not adhered to. It is critical to ensure you know the proper format, the rules, and what is and is not allowed for each affiliate.
Product reviews have to be honest. They must be genuine and transparent. You yourself may not literally have to review each product. You could have your partner or friend or sibling or a coworker review the product for you, and you can post what they state as long as you reference them.
A fair product review presents an unbiased appearance. This means that you do list both pros and cons. It’s best to keep the number of pros and cons as close to even as possible. The list of pros might have one or two more and vice versa with the cons.

One way to earn your audience trust is by also posting product reviews that are non-sponsored. This means if you are using affiliate links for the majority of your posts, then also post about a product that you do not have affiliate links for.

This will show that you’re not trying to only make a sale no matter what. This builds trust between your audience because you are being honest and genuine. This also creates value for your blog as a whole. Doing such could lead to attracting other brands whom may want to also work with you. This will increase your affiliate portfolio and more trust with your audience.

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Paying Networks

There are hundreds of opportunities to write product reviews on your blog and social media accounts as well as the sponsored blog posts from hundreds of different companies. There are networks available that will connect brands with bloggers to write product reviews and compensate them.

You can begin by applying to various networks. Many do have requirements that you need to have such as a sizable following or a minimum number of posts. This means that newbies may not qualify. Whereas, some do not require that you have to have a huge following.

Here are
some suggestions in alphabetical order for you to consider:

How to Make Money Writing Product Reviews on Your Blog. Make money blogging.

Best Buy Blogger Network connect bloggers who are loyal to Best Buy. Specific guidelines are for writing product reviews that include truthful product descriptions, requirements, benefits, and limitations.

BlogDash connects with brands so you can earn money and help with getting more exposure by showcasing bloggers in their publications.

Brand Backer has multiple benefits for providing reviews. They also provide samples for review and get paid for posts.

Clever is for digital storytellers who create authentic content. Requirements include being active on at least two social media platforms besides your blog.

Get Reviewed compromises an advertising network for bloggers to earn cash writing blog reviews about products.

Influence Central connects expert storytellers and tastemaker influencers with brands for bloggers to review products or the latest tech gadgets.

Izea is automated influencer software that allows brands to connect with bloggers more easily. The app that makes it easy to accept opportunities to get paid for product reviews and other sponsored blog opportunities.

Linqia claims the fastest payouts in just 10 days for product reviews and blog posts. Linqia requires that you have 2,500+ social followers or monthly visitors to your blog or YouTube channel.

Markerly evaluates your posts to match your blog with brands with bloggers for their latest products for review.

Millennial Blogs mostly works with bloggers born between 1978 – 1998. Most of the brands want bloggers to review cool products for fun-loving audiences.

Network Niche has exclusive brand relationships.  Boggers earn money writing reviews, social media posts and as on-site social media correspondents.

Seeding Up has international blog opportunities.  Review products on your blog, YouTube, and other social platforms.

SheMedia Partner Network is a network to specifically connect bloggers with top brands. Bloggers earn money writing reviews about brands on blogs and social media. SheMedia is Google Certified Publish Partner which is an sign that they have passed Google’s product certification exams with a successful track record. 

Social Network has opportunities for earning money through a blog, Instagram, and YouTube. Just apply, and your site will be analyzed on your content, both sponsored and non-sponsored.

Tap Influence is primarily for lifestyle bloggers and provide access to top brands. They help create a media kit and offer education through e-books, blog posts, and webinars.

Tastemaker Mom for bloggers to offer their opinions and product reviews that are moms.

The Sway is a network with over 100,000+ influencers providing education to get you started earning money. Their goal is to match bloggers with brands. Once accepted, you can select opportunities that match the demographics of your audience and niche of your blog.

Valued Voice has more than 20 types of opportunities for making money from your blog besides product reviews. You can combine your blog and social media platforms to make it easier to attract brands.

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WordPress Plug-Ins for Reviews

One of the benefits of having a word press site is using plug-ins, especially ones that are free. As more bloggers and website are doing product reviews, more plug-ins evolve to help make it more seamless to do such posts.

As we’ve mentioned previously, it is good to write product reviews and posts that are not affiliates or sponsored. Ensuring that you have a good portion of your blog to not have sponsored or paid content shows your true value.

With the availability of WordPress plug-ins to help write reviews it is good to use them to help balance your Post portfolio on your blog.

A blogger can write a post that is a product review that is or not sponsored by the brand. This is a post that is may not be affiliated with any compensation.

Plug-ins to help create Post regarding product reviews are available here to review.

  • WP Product Review Lite is a great plug-in for writing occasional product reviews on your blog.  Just check the “Is this post a review?” checkbox on your post draft and add review details that will format the post in a consistent layout. The pro version has integration directly with Amazon.
  • WP Reviewis a seamless and customizable to create reviews, use stars, percentage or point ratings and more for product reviews.  A pro version is also available.

Wrapping up…

It’s a given with the continuous growth of WordPress sites that more and more blogs will be created. As the WordPress community grows, so will the advancement and availability for monetary growth. Any blogger is truly capable of starting to earn money through your blog. Affiliate networks will continue in availability and expanding possibilities for bloggers to monetize.

Whether are you are a new blogger or a seasoned blogger, there are many opportunities to monetize whether you’re looking for new ways to make money or more networks to improve your content with. There are plenty of affiliate networks to choose from.

The more posts you’re write, the more you will increase your posting skills for one, but two, more opportunities to increase your passive income. Your skills, posts, and income can only grow bigger from this point forward.

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, a small commission may be earned at no additional cost to you.