Get the Best Google Analytics with Monster Insights

How to Use Monster Insights with Google Analytics


Do you struggle with analyzing your website’s analytics? Do you wish it was easier to interpret the data? Are you longing to know where exactly your traffic is coming from?

What if there was an easier way?

How would you like to get all your analytical data in one dashboard and even have Google Analytics data included?

Does this seem like a monster-size great idea?

Guess what?

It exists!

All you need is MonsterInsights Pro!

MonsterInsightsPro is like a digital magic wand that provides you with all the web data analytics to help you analyze your site pages, traffic, referring sources and MORE!!

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress. There are the features that makes MonsterInsights the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress analytics plugin in the market.

Monster Insights

Imagine! Your analytics dashboard with Google Analytics already there, incorporating your data all in one screen.

Aaahhh…..  Sounds wonderful-doesn’t it?!

MonsterInsightsPro makes analytics easy. See your site’s performance at a glance right in your WordPress dashboard, without needing to edit any code

The MonsterInsights Pro Google Analytics Dashboard widget for WordPress is completely customizable, so you can see the data that you WANT!

The Overview Report captures analytics to provide you with a snapshot of your metrics. View all the important metrics at one glance without having to click on any tabs.

Monsterinsights analytics

Add additional tabs from the Publishers Report as well as the eCommerce report.

MonsterInsightsPro goal is to show all your important metrics in one place.

The features that MonsterInsight offers are truly invaluable! Just look!

Setup and easy and quick with MonsterInsights. You can do this within your WordPress dashboard in just minutes!

Get Real-Time Stats that are updated with MonsterInsights.

Use WooCommerce? Track sales of your WooCommerce store to track Easy Digital Downloads or MemberPress stores.

MonsterInsights provides Universal Tracking to collect data from any digital device.

Track File Downloads and view the number of downloads.

Use Google AdSense? MonsterInsights tracks Google AdSense banners directly for you.

Track Post for Popularity with your audience.

Track referral codes to observe where your traffic is visiting from.

Use Google Analytics right in your WordPress dashboard. You can check your sites performance and adjust your site speed and sample rate for Google Analytics.


For granular data, go the custom reports section in the MonsterInsightsPro tab of your WordPress menu.

Right from your WordPress dashboard, you can monitor your:

  • Page views over time
  • Top posts and pages
  • Top traffic sources
  • Top countries
  • Important conversion stats
  • Ecommerce analytics
  • and so much more!

… basically, everything you need to make data-driven decisions to help grow your site, all in one place.

Now there’s no need to navigate away from your WordPress site to see Google Analytics data.

It cannot be any easier to than THIS to obtain and review all your web analytics including Google Analytics in one dashboard.

MonsterInsightsPro makes Google analytics easy for WordPress.

Get MonsterInsights now to help your site improve traffic and increase your profits now! Just click here to get MonsterInsightsPro for YOUR site.

How to Use Monster Insights with Google Analytics. The Blogwarts Academy Blog wisely.

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