How Marketing with OptinMonster Prevents Cart Abandonment.

How Marketing with OptinMonster Prevents Cart Abandonment.


OptinMonster has multiple campaign type to choose from: Floating bars, Sidebar Forms, Lightbox Popup, Countdown Timer, Inline Forms, Slide-in Scroll Box and MORE!

There are even campaign triggers you can choose from to further customize your campaign. Choose triggers like Inactivity sensor, Exit-Intent Technology, Timed Display Control, Scroll Trigger and others.

OptinMonster makes it easy to assign your target market with Target Campaigns. You can focus on On-Site Retargeting, Geo-Location Targeting, Device-Based Targeting, Referrer Detection and more.

There are various seamless integrations OptinMonster provides.


Together, you can perform Lead Sharing, List Segmentation, use Smart Tags, and use Success Tracking Scripts.

The list if integrations goes on!

Are you wondering why carts keep getting abandoned?

Use the Actionable Insights within OptinMonster. The Real-Time Behavior Automation provides insight and enables you to skyrocket conversions with automated personalization.

Use the A/B Testing to test your ideas to continue increasing those conversions.

OptinMonster’s Smart Success enabled new offers to visitors who have already opted in for your information from campaign popup’s.

The Conversion Analytics provides stats of data and what may be needed to improve lead-generation strategy.

OptinMonster packages marketing seamlessly helping you capture and convert visitors in a more joyful manner.

Preventing cart abandonment can be done in a manner of ways.

Exit-Intent Popups

The Exit-Intent Popup can be installed on any page and is utilized to detect when one moves the mouse towards existing the page. Your message can pop-up literally and encourage visitors to stay by offering more information or even a discount. The discounts encourage visitors to stay and shop.

This leads to more sales for your business.

Keep the Shopping Cart Visible

This measure could be as simple as keeping it visible in the upper right-hand corner and having it expand as one clicks on it to view.

Offer Free Shipping

If your products are not digital and require shipping, use a pop-up to offer free shipping or have an in-line bar in pa=lace stating that you provide free shipping.

With so many retailers offering free shipping nowadays, shoppers exclusively shop for those offers.



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Be Transparent

If you do not offer free shipping, keep costs visible and transparent at all times. No one likes to be left in the dark or unclear of costs up front. This includes, taxes, fees and any shipping costs.  The more transparent your store front is with the shopping cart, the more likely you will gain loyal followers. This leads to repeat business.

Have Guest Checkout Enabled.

Requiring customers to have to register for what may or may not be a one-time purchase can be grueling to a shopper who may not shop online that often. Further, this may slow-down their process. Especially if they are trying to quickly holiday shop.

Help give them and your business a boost by only requiring e-mail for them to complete their purchase. This makes the transaction quicker and smarter.

Be Contactable

Whether before or after a purchase is made, customer may have questions. Ensure that there is visibility of how to contact your business for any questions. This could be with an e-mail address, a chat feature or an 800 number.

This measure can be critical to both business and customer. For example, Cynthia made a purchase for a high-end purse through a known feminine retailer that she saw advertised on Facebook. She ordered a purse to be delivered to her in new England. The tracking numbers reflected that the item was shipping to her from Tennessee. Unfortunately, the item got directed to Texas and she never received it. She tried desperately to contact the retailer with no luck of finding a phone number nor e-mail. She could only contact the seller through the marketplace only to learn the package was not insured. Cynthia was out hundreds of dollars.

Situations like such need to allow customers to be reassured their purchases are being tracked and their money is not lost.

Ensure customer know how to contact your business for various situations.

Nonetheless, the more reachable the business is, the more likely there could be repeat business.

Save the Cart

Many online shoppers go back and forth between tabs and windows (such as myself). We get distracted and sometimes may just close a tab, window or the computer may shut off. Nonetheless, ensure that any shoppers cart is saved upon their return. This can really increase sales encouraging one to pick up where they left off. It’s satisfying having a cart full of items saved.

Use Scarcity

Emphasing a need for urgency is a great strategy to entice shoppers to complete their purchases. This can be done by letting customers know that inventory is low, how many are currently viewing items, or by using a countdown time to let them see visually when a sale ends.

These strategies perform well to seal the deal!

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Provide a SAFE Shopping Experience

With data breaches on the rise and credit card theft multiplying on the dark web, everyone deserves to know their data is encrypted and kept safe. Let shoppers know your site is secure. Show security badges from the anti-virus companies you implemented if applicable. Use PayPal if necessary.

But above all, keep customer data secure. Businesses are being held liable should any breaches occur due to their negligence. Businesses also have a small timeline f when they need to let the public know if one has occurred or they could face a hefty fine.

These measures can help aid your business to get customers and help maintain customer loyalty. Implementing OptinMonster saves time, is super easy to use, and makes the marketing tasks that much more seamless. If you haven’t used OptinMonster yet, don’t wait another second! Get OptinMonster NOW!


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