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The right tools and elements can be key to creating a successful website. Starting a blog with proper resources are essential for the total function of your site. 

There are many areas within website building that need elements added to support the purpose of your website. 

Knowing which tools or plug-in’s to use can be tedious and time consuming to research. 

Finding the best tools that work seamlessly can add the gravy to your blog. 

When starting a blog, some may say that it can be “started” in just minutes. Truth is, a proper website takes more than that. 

Bloggers that have been fortunate to gain a following and even earn acceptable profits have learned that having knowledge of the key components of websites is necessary. 

This includes knowing the basic essentials of web hosting, selecting more than one choice for web hosting companies should an issue arise, purchasing more than two to three or more themes for visual design and function. 

Also learning how to choose WordPress plug-in’s to benefit your website, which e-mail services can contribute to marketing and so much more! 

Traffic is one of the main objectives when creating a website. In order to get web traffic to your blog, your site needs to reach an audience. The way you market your blog can determine how much traffic you may receive. 

Learning Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the best underlying methods to obtain traffic to your blog. Keywords are important to add throughout your blog and not just landing pages. 

There are many useful tools and products that can benefit your site to get it started or to improve it to reach your goals successfully. Feel free to browse the resources below that may help your site. 

The Blogwarts Academy helps provide numerous tools that can help with the function and growth to reach your audience and help with profitability. 

Check back often as we add new recommended tools and resources that are recommended. 

If you believe there is a resource we should recommend, be sure to contact us.  We love hearing what helps others so we can help each other grow. 


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Making Sense of Security Course
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