Starting with Hosting

How to Start a Bootstrapped Blog

How to Start a Bootstrap Blog


Many people who haven’t already gotten into blogging yet are doing so to either bring in a side hustle or to create future perpetual income. Some bloggers have posted about their spouses quitting their main full-time jobs and even retire well before their 50’s.

Doesn’t that sound exciting AND intriguing? Read on!

You truly don’t need much money to start blogging.

Blogging can be started with little to no money to invest in a blog. A blog can be started for just a few dollars.

You can pick a niche or two and have more than one blog.


Included will be a cost and summary of

Let’s get started!


The first step is deciding on a hosting company for your blog. 

Some have asked why not just use Using means your site is self-hosted through a hosting company.

This means all the content, subscribers, ads and other data is YOURS!!!

There are no rules to follow of whom, how, where or IF you can have ads or affiliate marketing on your site. It is YOUR site.

Further, self-hosting with gives you much more data storage than a website builder or starter blog.

The bonus is many hosting companies include a FREE domain to get you started. That saves some up-front cost to get started blogging to a minimum.

Hosting prices can vary. The maximum monthly cost that has been advertised was around $15.00 USD.  Many hosting companies advertise for under $5.00 USD monthly.    The cost is conditional to your hosting monthly plan. The more months or years you commit to hosting, the less expensive the cost is.

If hosting is $7.00 USD per month, that equals $84 annually.

Yet a 2-year plan may be $168 but because you commit for longer, the price may actually b $150 or LESS.

A 3-year plan may originally cost $252 but you can get hosting for $225 or LESS. Some hosting can be really inexpensive.

Let’s check out some hosting services to help you better.

Social Media Network Management

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A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Cost: $3.92

The prices of A2 Hosting are very competitive in relation to many hosting services which is helpful.

The main reason they are a top competitor is they have Unlimited Websites which has great Uptime, Bandwidth and Speed.

Unlike most other hosting companies, A2 Hosting has Anytime Money Back Guarantee which says a lot about how confident they are that you will love it!

A2Hosting is offering hosting for $3.92/month. Regardless if you get a 12 month plan, 24 month plan or 36 month plan – you will be paying the $3.92!

You can purchase their second tier option Swift for 12 months for $64.62. You still will  have Unlimited Websites or Storage plus you get the free SSL.

A2Hosting offers all these features:

  • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • Free & Easy Site Transfer
  • Free Solid-State Drives
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • Linux & Windows Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
  • Speed Optimized WordPress
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

A2Hosting Plans

Get Started with A2Hosting Here!



Cost: $2.95

By popularity, Bluehost is a highly recommended site for web hosting. They host more 2 million websites! Hosting companies offer different features and benefits, so they are not one size fits all. Despite being popular, you need to see if Bluehost is right for you. 

Many use Bluehost for web hosting and do not have any issues with it at all. Hosting is the primary investment when starting blogging.

Bluehost offers a FREE domain name ($14.99 value)!

Bluehost offers different features on each plan from $295. Per month up to $5.45 per month. You can choose from monthly or an annual plan. Not bad at all for hosting.

The Choice Plus plan offers not just Spam Experts buts also Domain Privacy which is good security to prevent unwanted spammers contacting you to offer web services you don’t want or need.

Take a look at the different plans here:

BlueHost Plans

Bluehost is considered easy to use and gives you the option to “Create Site” once you set up your account. The install process is made simple for you.

Further, Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you feel that Bluehost may not be a fit. Bluehost is a simple solution for hosting for bloggers to start with.

To check out Bluehost further, click here!

Maximizing Pinterest Strategies

Maximizing Pinterest Strategies

How to maximize your strategies with Pinterest to make Pinterest work for you.
Pinterest is a great avenue to utilize to gain organic traffic to your site. As a Search Engine, Pinterest is great at letting your control how you want others to see the image of your site.
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HostGator Web Hosting

Cost: $2.75

If you want to pay less for hosting, you can go to Hostgator. They start off at $2.75 per month for 36-months of hosting. Hostgator offers the same features as BlueHost as they are under the same parent company.

Hostgator the smaller plans can go as small for $10.95 for 1, 3, or 6 months. The 12-month plan starts at $5.95 per month.

WordPress hosting specifically starts at $5.95 per month which helps any blogger get started.

These options give more freedom when starting out and deciding if you want to commit to a hosting company which is great.

This helps any budgeting newbie to get started for a minimum.

Domains can be purchased separately from HostGator for about $12.95.  Domains can also be transferred from any third-party site like FatCow or Domain.

To get started with HostGator, start here!

Web Hosting for Blogs



For a 12-month plan with A2 Hosting at $3.92 per month, you will be paying $47.04

For 24-months of A2 Hosting, you will be paying $94.08


For a 12-month plan with Bluehost at $2.95 per month, you will be paying $35.40

For a 36-month plan with Bluehost, you will be paying $106.20


For a 3-month plan with HostGator at $10.95 per month, you will be paying $32.85

For a 12-month plan with HostGator at $5.95 per month, you will be paying $71.40

For a 36-month plan with HostGator at $2.75 per month, you will be paying $99.00

While many may be starting by bootstrapping, choosing hosting may be a preference of features rather than price.

Check each hosting service’s features to see what is best for you and which hosting provider you want to choose.

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, a small commission may be earned at no additional cost to you.