Best Ad Networks for Monetizing

Best Ad Networks for Monetizing - Blogwarts Academy

Make Money Blogging with these Ad Networks  Monetizing a blog is the process of earning money from the content and traffic of your website.  There are several ways to monetize a blog, including display advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling digital or physical products, and offering premium content or services.  One of the most common

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing - Blogwarts Academy

Using Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing where a business rewards affiliates for promoting its products or services. This means that affiliate marketing is where a business rewards affiliates for promoting its products or services through monetizing and earning money. In this type of marketing, the affiliate earns

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog - Blogwarts Academy

Setting up WordPress Blog Starting a blog can be a fun and fulfilling hobby and has even become a profession for many people. One of the main reasons blogging can be enjoyable is that it allows you to express your creativity and share your thoughts with the world.  You have the freedom to write about vs.

Understanding the difference between and

Difference between versus Many newbie bloggers have asked what exactly is the difference between and This is a good question because getting started with WordPress may be a bit confusing. Let’s help clarify the difference to help you get better acquainted with differences.  WordPress is a platform that is open source which is

The Best WordPress Security Course for Bloggers

Making Sense of Security Course

THE BEST WORDPRESS SECURITY COURSE FOR BLOGGERS! With many WordPress sites being created for the purposes of business websites or blogs, the WordPress platform is one of the popular platforms to create a website. WordPress is a free platform that has provided an avenue for many to create websites with little to no costs. Many

Image and Video Resources for Your Website

Stock Images and Video Resources for Bloggers

Image and Video Stock Resources Over 125+ FREE Image and Video Stock Resources Creating written pieces that are eye catching and intriguing can be challenging at times. Using images in blog posts and articles helps make each piece more appealing.  Having the proper stock photos and license-free images available can be hard to find as

How to Install Google Analytics for WordPress Using MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights Google Analytics

How to Install Google Analytics for WordPress Using MonsterInsights Install Google Analytics in WordPress with MonsterInsights into your WordPress site brings many benefits. It’s critical to know how your audience interacts with your website for your success. Google Analytics provides the way to know your audience is through your traffic stats, and for FREE. We

Hosting with Bluehost

Start a blog with Hosting with Bluehost

Hosting with Bluehost If you are thinking of starting a website or new to blogging, Bluehost may be the web hosting provider for you to get started. Bluehost offers many types of hosting, including WordPress hosting and Shared Hosting to get you positioned so you can focus on posting content onto your site. Depending on

Best 20 + Web Hosting Resources for Bloggers

Web Hosting for Bloggers.

Web Hosting for Blogs Websites for bloggers are growing more than ever before. Bloggers don’t usually have just one site. Many bloggers have multiple websites for their blogs and various sites. Bloggers are not limited to just one site. Online entrepreneurism has an exponential growth, especially for those creating side hustles and multiple sources of

MonsterInsights: The Best Google Analytics for Your WooCommerce Site

MonsterInsights: Google Analytics for Your WooCommerce Site

MonsterInsights: Google Analytics for Your WooCommerce Site There are an abundance of benefits why MonsterInsights should be used on any website. This resourceful tool can help you access data about the visitors to your website.  MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress. There are the features that makes MonsterInsights the most powerful and

Looking for International Hosting?

International web hosting

Best International Web Hosting for Digital Nomads Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, a small commission may be earned at no additional cost to you. Are you a global blogger looking for International web hosting? People are more mobile today than ever. Thanks to

NEW!!! BluChic ChicServe Theme


NEW!!! BluChic ChicServe Theme If you’re any of the following, this theme is made for you:  Copywriters   Online Marketers Social Media Manager Bookkeepers & Accountants Virtual Assistants Business Coaches Online Business Managers Freelance Writers Maximizing Pinterest Strategies How to maximize your strategies with Pinterest to make Pinterest work for you. Pinterest is a great avenue


Welcome to the Blogwarts Academy! Our community exists to help bloggers and online entrepreneurs grow and strive to strengthen their presence to succeed! We believe it’s important to supply a helping hand in one place to provide an abundance of information that benefits those seeking resources for their blogs and sites. Chasing sources and trying

Welcome to the Blogwarts Academy!

Blogwarts Academy

Welcome to The Blogwarts Academy! There are many reasons to start a blog. You can express yourself and show your creativity, provide helpful information, and engage with your audience.   Many have created blogs to earn passive income as a side hustle. We offer courses that can help you start a blog to grow and