Module 1Introduction
Lesson 1Worksheet - Defining Web Hosting Specifics
Lesson 2Copyright
Lesson 3Disclosure
Lesson 4Determine the Type of Website
Module 2Self-Hosting
Lesson 1Why Use Self-Hosting
Lesson 2Understanding Basics of Self-Hosting
Module 3Types of Hosting
Lesson 1Managed Hosting
Lesson 2Dedicated Hosting
Lesson 3WordPress Hosting
Lesson 4Shared Hosting
Module 4Domain Names
Lesson 1Domain Names and IP's
Lesson 2DNS Basics
Lesson 3Types of Domain Extensions
Lesson 4Domain Name Generators
Module 5Purchasing a Domain
Lesson 1Registering Your Domain
Lesson 2ICANN
Lesson 3Domain Based E-Mail
Module 6Privacy
Lesson 1WHOIS
Lesson 2MaxMind
Module 7Web Hosting Providers
Lesson 1Hosting Features
Lesson 2Web Hosting Providers
Lesson 3International Web Hosting
Module 8Customer Service
Lesson 1Buyer Beware
Lesson 2Customer Service Cheat Sheet Infographic
Module 9Resources and Freebies
Lesson 1Top Web Hosting Features Reference Tool
Lesson 2Web Hosts for Bloggers Reference Tool
Lesson 3Web Hosting Resources Cheat Sheet
Lesson 4Guide to Web Hosting eBook
Module 10Terminology
Lesson 1List of Terms
Module 11Summary
Lesson 1Thank You
Module 12Quiz
Lesson 1Take the Quiz
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