Understanding Web Hosting for Bloggers Course


Understanding Web Hosting Course

About This Web Hosting Course

The Blogwarts Academy exists to help bloggers gain direction of exactly how to establish their blog. We have heard from bloggers who are seeking more details to establish and grow their blogs to benefit them. Bloggers want all their resources in one spot.

This course about understanding Web Hosting is to help inform you about the basics, the details, the nitty-gritty of web hosting that you do need to know when it comes to maintaining your blog.

While this course may be aimed for beginner bloggers, it s helpful to provide clarity to those wanting to know how web hosting works in the background. Especially if you were too afraid to ask.

We have put together this course with all learning levels in mind. The Blogwarts Academy wants you to gain knowledge and also know how to protect your website. We believe it is imperative to keep what you have created safe.

From this course, you should benefit from many elements and walk away with a better understanding to keep you moving forward.

What You Will Learn from this Course:

The Blogwarts Academy is here to extend your knowledge on web hosting to help you be more solid with establishing your blog. 

In this course, we teach you about many aspects that are involved with the functions of web hosting. 

Learn about the types of web hosting, terminology, what features can benefit your website, choosing a domain, registering your website, protecting the privacy of your information, what to know about customer service, web hosting limitations and so much more!

Get started now with having more clarity of the truth you need to know about web hosting secrets and how it affects you. 

From this course, you should benefit from many elements and walk away with a better understanding to keep you moving forward.

Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Worksheet - Defining Web Hosting Specifics
Lesson 2 Copyright
Lesson 3 Disclosure
Lesson 4 Determine the Type of Website
Module 2 Self-Hosting
Lesson 1 Why Use Self-Hosting
Lesson 2 Understanding Basics of Self-Hosting
Module 3 Types of Hosting
Lesson 1 Managed Hosting
Lesson 2 Dedicated Hosting
Lesson 3 WordPress Hosting
Lesson 4 Shared Hosting
Module 4 Domain Names
Lesson 1 Domain Names and IP's
Lesson 2 DNS Basics
Lesson 3 Types of Domain Extensions
Lesson 4 Domain Name Generators
Module 5 Purchasing a Domain
Lesson 1 Registering Your Domain
Lesson 2 ICANN
Lesson 3 Domain Based E-Mail
Module 6 Privacy
Lesson 1 WHOIS
Lesson 2 MaxMind
Module 7 Web Hosting Providers
Lesson 1 Hosting Features
Lesson 2 Web Hosting Providers
Lesson 3 International Web Hosting
Module 8 Customer Service
Lesson 1 Buyer Beware
Lesson 2 Customer Service Cheat Sheet Infographic
Module 9 Resources and Freebies
Lesson 1 Top Web Hosting Features Reference Tool
Lesson 2 Web Hosts for Bloggers Reference Tool
Lesson 3 Web Hosting Resources Cheat Sheet
Lesson 4 Guide to Web Hosting eBook
Module 10 Terminology
Lesson 1 List of Terms
Module 11 Summary
Lesson 1 Thank You
Module 12 Quiz
Lesson 1 Take the Quiz
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