Ways to Make Money Blogging

Make Money with Your Blog

12+ ways to make money blogging-the blogwarts academy

Making money online is becoming easier than ever. If you haven’t set up ways to have extra income coming in yet, it’s time to create your side hustle now.

There are multiple ways to make money from your blog. Here we provide you with a list of ways to monetize your blog and create passive income.  Read on mate!

Become an Affiliate for E-commerce Sites

One of the easiest ways to monetize a blog is to link to products other eCommerce sites.  You can either create an online store or just create a post about individual products to promote them.

The affiliate links included in your posts then redirect customers to third-party eCommerce sites where you get a commission when they make a qualified purchase.

A great affiliate program is Amazon!

Get Paid to Write Reviews

Bloggers can get paid money to write reviews on products, services or experiences by companies or individuals that the payer may believe the blogger can influence a following for them. 

Usually the blogger has already purchased themselves but usually they are given the products, service or experience by the offerer.

It is important to ensure what you review is applicable to your niche. Also, that your audience can engage in what you are reviewing.

Guest Post on Other Blogs

Writing guest posts on other blogs or company-owned websites is a great way to monetize your blog. The pay is good income and you are usually allowed to link back to your site, which is also a great strategy for traffic to your blog.

These guest posts are published right on the company website of the advertising company or blog.

Many companies are willing to pay for guest posts. Several companies may negotiate for free post in trade for a link directly to your blog.

When writing guest posts, ensure the posts will benefit your audience and match your niche.

Earn Money Blogging about Events

A fun and popular way of earning money blogging is to write about events. Usually bloggers that have an influence and a good amount of traffic may be asked by an event coordinator to blog about an event date are invited to.  

This is extra fun as you get to go to an event usually with no admission charge and get to be seen and gained publicity. Further some events are usually huge and quite expensive. 

As long as you blog about the events to the liking of the company or sponsor that invited you then your blog post will be well. The inviter may want to read your posts before they publish it to inshore it is agreeable. 

Nonetheless you get paid to write and or you get to attend a big event at no cost to you.

Get Paid for Social Media Posts

Social media posts are another great way to gets paid by a brand or company. When you have a following and Brands may believe that you can be influential to your audience companies will pay you for pre-made content to post on your social media and blog. 

This can include getting paid for your blog post to go to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others including Pinterest.

Create and Sell Ebooks

Creating eBooks are one of the greatest ways to create passive income with your blog. They are digital documents, usually transformed into PDF’s and sold online. They are guaranteed income as because they are a software, refunds are not required with digital or downloadable products.

You can create an eBook by repurposing a few good blog posts and combining them into a small to medium size eBook. You can also create an actual eBook to be sold on Amazon’s Kindle and various platforms.  

A great eBook making software is Designrr.io.They have developed this marvelous software tool to enable you to create eBooks from links, Word, PPT and even YouTube! 

They have provided one of the quickest and efficient ways to create, edit, and execute an eBook in no time to get your product out to your audience that much quicker. Plus, their customer service is prompt and attainable.

You can get your access to Designrr here!

Sell your own digital photos and videos

Selling your digital photos and videos is a great way for bloggers to make extra money. Many bloggers look for stock images they can use legally usually free r if they pay a small fee to obtain an image.

If you have a collection of photos you are willing to share with the public, you can offer access to an image library or sell them on photo image and video sites.  They are always looking for fresh new content.

Bloggers can also earn money online by selling high-quality photos and videos. For a list of stock photo and video resources, click here for more information to help you.

12+ ways to make money blogging-the blogwarts academy

Create an Online Course

Digital courses are a wonderful platform to monetize your blog. There must be a skill that is unique to you that you can share with others. Online courses can be written or PDFs or even with a mixture of a few videos. 

The online course industry is growing as many people seek to learn new things every day. Whether you’re selling a course for a small price on a simple tidbit or you want to share or go in depth of a complete how-to to help other people start, you can create an online course.

Online courses are perfect for experts who want to share their knowledge and skills. Creating a course may be time-consuming, but they can deliver big returns in revenue.

Online courses can be a downloadable one-part course or series of courses through a paid subscription or membership. Many are independent courses where students go at their own pace. Some can be interactive with teacher offering consulting to students.

Some great online course creation platforms to consider are: CourseCraft, Podia, Ruzuku, and Teachable.

Create a Webinar

Webinars provide a great way to get information to your visitors. Webinars are videos that your followers watch either live, as a replay or an evergreen webinar. The latter helps automate sites for passive income.

These video platforms afford bloggers and business owners to promote new products, events or services to interested audiences. Live webinars are scheduled with a sign-up following.

Usually with a minimum of 30 and a max of 300 depending on the provider. Students are able to ask questions during live webinars with a chat box.

There are many wonderful webinar providers out there. A big list can be viewed here. Some great webinar providers include: ClickMeeting, Demio, EasyWebinar,  EverWebinar,  GoToWebinar,JetWebinar, StealthWebinar,WebinarJam, and WebinarNinja.

Create a Podcast

Podcasts are another method of audio to get your blog out there to a section or your audience you may be missing.

Podcasts are like mini radio shows. They are great for capturing audiences such as those whom are visually impaired so they can still follow your blog. Podcasts are usually live and can be saved as recordings on your blog’s website.

Your audience can ask questions and you can connect directly with your followers and grow your audience.

You can monetize your blog by providing limited access to paying subscribers. You can also create:

Lead generation and list building

Sell physical conferences

Sell your physical products and books

Sell affiliate products/programs

Sell your online courses

Offer your customers as a consultant or service

 There are a growing number of podcast platforms out there that even include hosting. Of the many popular ones, there are: CastosPodbean, and Transistor.

Freelance your Services

Go further and offer freelance services for your expertise. The difference with this from consulting is you can pick which jobs you’ll take and negotiate pricing and timeline.

If you know marketing, you can offer niche expertise and make quick money.  This could be social media marketing, online marketing, funnels, leads, loyalty and new customers.

Some tools to help you online can be found here.

Promote Products through Affiliate Marketing

Using affiliate links in your blog posts are a great method to monetize your blog to create passive income. Affiliate links can be used for products you recommend and compliment your niche. Make sure they line up with what your blog is about.

It’s best to compose a good size blog post with affiliate links that contains honest information and a small review of products and you can encourage readers to make a purchase through your link.

It is very important and required legally that affiliate links are disclosed and that you may earn a small commission should they make a qualifying purchase.

Affiliate programs can be found online and requirements to become an affiliate vary by program. Some require a certain amount of traffic to your blog. Some welcome newbies.

Some affiliate programs to consider are: Amazon, Awin, EverWebinar, Rakuten, Rewardful, SendOwl, Shareasale, and WebinarJam.

Offer Memberships on your Site

Create a membership to your followers to provide access to exclusive content, articles, videos, download-ables, courses, and other types of goodies.

An ongoing benefit needs to be emphasized. Membership provide ongoing passive income if you can market it right and offer what your followers would continuously need.

Memberships can be a one-time subscription where readers only have to pay once to access your members-only section. Monthly and annual subscriptions to generate continuous income from your blog as well.

A good strategy to implement is offer a referral program to members who bring in other members.

Place Google Ads on your Blog

Google AdSense, or Ads is one of the easiest ways to earn money on your blog from ads. Once you sign-up for Google Ads, your site will begin displaying “cost per click” or CPC ads. These clicks will earn you money.

The amounts you earn varies on what type of ads are displayed. Each click will earn you a different amount since advertisers determine the actual cost per click.

Setting up Google AdSense is actually not difficult. Google does approve each sign-up request individually.

This is a good way to start to monetize your blog and create another source to make extra money.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to not just monetize your blog but to create avenues of extra income for yourself.  Doing so can be make your blog attractive to companies looking to work with bloggers.

Maximizing your potential for many streams of passive income can be achieved. Implement a few of the suggested methods and get started monetizing your blog today.

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, a small commission may be earned at no additional cost to you.