Why WebinarNinja is the Best Webinar Software​

Why WebinarNinja is the Best Webinar Software

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If you’re like most people getting into webinar marketing, there are many choices to choose from and you want the best webinar software to suite your needs. 

Choosing webinar software that may be web-based, native or worse-downloads for not just you but also your audience, can be detrimental to your webinar’s success. 

While there is an assortment of webinar tools to choose from, there is one that has raised the bar high standing out far from others in the webinar software arena. 

WebinarNinja has been built to be sleek, easy, and effective for independent coaches, trainers, and other entrepreneurs. WebinarNinja runs so smoothly, it’s seamless. 

WebinarNinja is years ahead of anything else out there, with its cutting-edge broadcast tech and features you just can’t get anywhere else. 

Features like:

  • HIGH QUALITY HD webinars with zero delay.
  • Slide uploads that don’t require screen share
  • 10-second (literally) webinar creation
  • Time-Zone Conversions
  • Universal device compatibility; watch on phone, tablet, laptop
  • A powerful webinar search engine
  • GDPR Compliant 
  • Embedded video (Hybrid live/evergreen content)
  • Gorgeous embedded sales offers
  • No Downloads Required 
  • Ban Attendees
  • Hide Attendees
  • Replay Options
  • Branded URL 
  • And much, MUCH more! 

And that’s just the basics. Check out this great overview video on WebinarNinja’s home page: WebinarNinja

The best tool to have is a tool that you will use and enjoy using when it comes to webinar software. WebinarNinja can truly help you grow your business. They provide multiple features to find and grow your audience and optimize your webinars searchability. No other webinar software offers such potential for growth directly and reach customers! 

The truth is, WebinarNinja has made it so easy and so enjoyable to create webinars, that you will want to create one for almost anything! 

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, WebinarNinja has a team of nearly 50 Ninjas strategically working in 9 different cities across the globe including Greater San Diego Area, in the Western US. These Ninjas are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to benefit you. 

Co-founded by Omar Zenhom, WebinarNinja started in 2014 and has evolved to the royalty of webinars delivering seamless digital software for your needs. 

You may be wondering just what exactly the heck is it that makes WebinarNinja different from another webinar software. It’s not just the competitive pricing plans or the attendee numbers, nor the live webinars. Nope. 

One of our favorite features WebinarNinja offers besides Live Webinars is Automated Webinars. You can choose to have your webinars repeat on certain dates or even be on-demand. Niiice! 

Further, you can choose to provide a Series of webinars as a group of webinars with WebinarNinja. Go further and create a Hybrid webinar that is recorded with your host presentation. Talk about massively convenient! 

There are many features that deliver a delightful user experience with WebinarNinja. 

Create your webinar literally on one page within your WebinarNinja Dashboard. It’s truly simple! 

WebinarNinja Dashboard-Blogwarts Academy

Want to earn money directly from your webinar? You can create a paid webinar and receive payments with Stripe. (Sing it now: Money, money, money—moooney!) 

Use the preset webinar layouts or customize them as you go. 

Never leave your webinar screen to add materials to the Live Webinar. Simply add slides or documents for your audience to download. WebinarNinja provides you with cloud storage to store those slides or documents for later use. 

A really neat feature is the ability to invite audience members to be on screen also. Co-host a webinar with others and share the screen of hosts for your audience to view the hosts. This feature delivers connectability and earns your audience trust. 

Registrants for webinars are automatically emailed for you with automate templates that you can customize with reminders of your upcoming webinar event. Isn’t that just thoughtful!? 

Use the Live Chat to connect and communicate with your audience. Add personality using the numerous emoji’s available to enhance chats. 

WebinarNinja delivers an easy user experience for both user and audience.

You can further customize your WebinarNinja templates in detail for your brand. Design your featured image from stock photos provided or upload one of your own. Change colors, fonts, add social share buttons, add to Calendar, countdown timers, and more!

WebinarNinja allows you to keep all your images, logos, templates, webinar replays, uploaded videos and more all in one place in the WebinarNinja cloud. Easily access them anytime you need when creating a new webinar event, registration pages, thank you pages and more. This feature enables you to customize your thank you emails and your registration emails with your branding. 

WebinarNinja Customize Registration-Blogwarts Academy

Use one of the tested, high converting registrations and thank you page templates. Customize it and make it your own. Create your own template! No coding or extra software needed. Use WebinarNinja’s live Page Builder editor and add your own logo, images and videos. Best of all, you can save your templates in your template gallery to reuse when needed.

A great feature WebinarNinja provides is the ability to view statistics of your webinars. 

WebinarNinja Statistics-Blogwarts Academy

Get important insights on how well all your webinars are going. Measure conversion and attendance rates. Track retention rates and offer clicks as well. Export your registrant data, chat, questions and polls with one click. 

WebinarNinja works well with other tools to make it super easy automating your webinars. WebinarNinja can integrate with virtually any digital tool that has a website such as; ConvertKit, AWeber, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, HubSpot, Drip, MailChimp, LeadPages, Squarespace, ClickFunnels and more! WebinarNinja can integrate further with over 1000 more apps with Zapier. 

The possibilities are endless with WebinarNinja! 

Did you know that WebinarNinja has an Academy? Yes! They do! 

The WebinarNinja Academy is the “Netflix of webinars,” giving you on-demand access to webinar training topics ranging from sales & marketing to content creation & engagement techniques.

Keep up to date with the best practices in the industry with exclusive content available only for WebinarNinja members. Only WebinarNinja gives you strong support, tools, and knowledge materials. 

Even better, WebinarNinja is the only Webinar software that provides a marketplace directory to promote your webinars. This feature makes it easier for your audience to find you and for you to grow your following. 

Reach and grow your audience with the WebinarNinja marketing tools that are incorporated within. WebinarNinja provides you with a comprehensive set of marketing tools to engage with your audience, get found across search and social, and grow your following. 

With one click, your webinar is a part of the most powerful webinar search engine in the world- The Webinar Finder. Attendees can find your webinar by searching for your webinar’s keywords or category. It’s even optimized so they can find you through a Google search! 

Get last minute signups with our front page Starting Soon feature. 

You can also make your webinars private and not be listed on the Webinar Finder. It’s up to you.

WebinarNinja even has a FREE 7-part course of how to make a webinar with Your Webinar Blueprint. WebinarNinja shows you the basics, planning and performance, tech, how to sell on webinars, marketing your webinars, set-up and also what to do after your webinar is complete. These are essential steps needed for the success of your webinar that available elsewhere. WebinarNinja really has thought of what YOU may need for your online achievement. 

All you have to do is sign-up for free here

Many of the great aspects of WebinarNinja is they include tons of features in ALL of their plans. Seriously!  Just check out this list of goodies WebinarNinja includes for you: 

All Plans Include:

·       Unlimited Registrations

·       Unlimited Webinars

·       Paid & Free Webinars

·       Multiple Presenters

·       Webinar Finder

·       Fast & Friendly Support

·       Auto Recording & Archiving

·       Auto Email Notifications

·       Instant Chat with Emojis

·       Integrations with 1000+ Apps

·       Add To Calendar Feature

·       Stats & Analytics

·       Upload Presentation Slides

·       Social Sharing

·       Insert Pre-Recorded Videos

·       Share Screen

·       Clone Webinars

·       Q&A & Polls

·       Instant or Timed Offers

·       Full Training & Tutorials

·       Registration Page Templates

·       Thank You Page Templates

·       Access to Referral Program

·       Free Updates & More


WebinarNinja makes it so easy to create, promote, and run your webinars that you’ll actually use it. That means more brand awareness, leads, and sales for you.

There are a multitude of reasons to use WebinarNinja. Want to do a Fundraiser? You can! Make a paid webinar with proceeds going to that charity.

Want to perform in concert in person but can’t? No worries. WebinarNinja has your needs met. Have a paid webinar and include offers for products such as souvenirs available for attendees. 

Need to teach to a group in multiple locations? WebinarNinja can connect you with your attendees when you are ready. If your attendees are not, WebinarNinja lets you have replays for any length of time you choose. Even indefinitely. How cool is that!?!? 

There are so so sooo many features and uses that WebinarNinja exceeds at that places them in the front of line for webinar software choice. 

When an exceptional tool comes along that can seriously help your business grow, it’s only right to spread the word.

Start now and try it for free. They include a free 14-day trial with every membership.

That means you only pay for your membership on day 15, after you’ve already fallen in love with WebinarNinja. 

Start running better webinars, with no worries. Click the link and get started with WebinarNinja NOW!