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Making Sense of Security Course

With many WordPress sites being created for the purposes of business websites or blogs, the WordPress platform is one of the popular platforms to create a website.

WordPress is a free platform that has provided an avenue for many to create websites with little to no costs. Many new websites are being created with WordPress daily. This can be influenced by big bloggers encouraging others to make a WordPress site.

Blogging sites are created and born more than ever lately. The possibilities with blogging can be endless when it comes to creating an income.

Blogging with WordPress allows users to implement various methods to earn money with their sites. WordPress users can have more than one blog, and some have multiple websites and blogs. 

This can lead to multiple avenues of creating passive income, having side hustles, creating a money-making business and more. There are no limits!

Yet with WordPress being used for such valuable data such as money sources, that data needs to be secured.

More often than not, many WordPress blogs and sites are NOT secured.

This obviously is not good in a multitude of ways.

The website or blog owner could have their content compromised. Their links can be altered and even redirected to perhaps competition or even spammy sites which could lead to their site getting shut-down.

Worse, any income earned within the blog or business website could not just be compromised, but it could happen without the owner’s knowledge until it is too late!

One peeve that takes place is attempted logging to the Admin login page.

If WordPress site owners do not change the login page to something other than the default WP-Admin, hackers are not only going to keep trying to get into your site, but they are going to get in and take over without your knowledge of what exactly they have done.

Scary part is, it could have already taken place on your site and you just don’t know it.

Further, for blog and website visitors, going to a WordPress site that is not secure affects site visitors!

Yes! If you visit an unsecure WordPress, it can affect site visitors’ devices and data.

All the more reason to make sure you protect your WordPress website regardless if you are blogging for fun or growing into something big.

Making Sense of Security has created this incredible course of how to Secure WordPress.

This course has helped many bloggers and website owners secure their sites. The video in the course that shows all the popular bloggers and websites the use WordPress and how the WP-Admin page is exposed is shocking!

Making Sense of Security points out that it is not just about altering your WP-Admin login page.

They point out critical information regarding plug-ins, WordPress version, footers, SLL’s, Payment Gateways and other vulnerabilities.

This course is a MUST! Making Sense of Security further educates viewers in the course on social media, knowing where threats derive from and knowing how to secure your digital data when you are traveling. Regardless if it is down the street or a far away trip.

It makes sense. We don’t necessarily give local Wi-Fi a second thought.

Best of all, because Making Sense of Security is a team of cybersecurity professionals, they also provide guidance of how to seek professional help in the cybersecurity field.

The WordPress Security Course  provides cheatsheets and information of how to know if you have been compromised, Security Audit Checklist, and measures to prevent your WordPress site from being hacked.

It’s not just a simple slapped together course. It is quite apparent this course means business as they point out the need for you to have your WordPress site secure, so your visitors are secure.

This all makes sense. Yet, now we are also on guard. We check to see if other sites are protected and if they are not, we tend not to visit or utilize them.

The Securing Your WordPress Site Course by Making Sense of Security is a MUST for every single WordPress user!

The course used to be hundreds of dollars but because they stress the importance of WordPress security, they have decreased it.

If you have a WordPress site or thinking about using WordPress, take this course NOW. We wish we had it BEFORE we started but we have thankfully taken the appropriate measures as guided throughout the WordPress Security Course.  

Sign up for the course HERE. Be sure to let us know what you think. We believe you will be in agreement the value of WordPress Security for Bloggers Course

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